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Important Things to Consider Before You Begin Your SEO

It is said that the holy grail of online marketing is to be ranked by organic means. This is very rarely the case in fact. For ‘game’ Google or Bings ranking systems, most companies that have an online presence use some variant of the SEO technique. To achieve a favourable organic search score, there are several techniques used. There are Whitehat Techniques in general terms and there are Blackhat Techniques (Note: there is also a sub-set of Blackhat SEO that are illegal techniques, but most legitimate companies are unlikely to apply these and are not something we practice). Whitehat or Blackhat tactics will be preferred depending on the priorities and company risk profile.

The Search Engine Optimisation of a website and its ranking in Google search results can be influenced by a lot of factors. It might be content quality, it might be the amount of time a page takes to load, or how important the content is to the user’s question. It may also be the website’s user interface, or it could be the website’s overall credibility and authority in the eyes of Google. In Google search, we have discussed in depth ranking variables, what causes sites to lose search ranks and what causes sites to win search ranks from Google.



SEO of Local Business

The overwhelming majority of companies within a maximum range of 100-200 kilometres target their local market. Google, BING and other search engines understand that there is a clear difference in the priorities of local company owners. Therefore, there are a number of strategies and methods for SEO optimisation that we can use to boost search results for local business. It is a highly detailed procedure that requires a lot of practise to be successfully implemented. Some of the work we do to accomplish this is: Website Target Market Results, Local Citations, Local Backlinking, Google App Stacking, Google Maps, Google My Company, Detail Replication, Local Keyword Analysis, Comprehensive Local Content, Video Rating, Analytics, Call Monitoring, Detailed Reporting, Social Media Signals, Pay Per Click Ads, Google My Business, MyMaps, Click Advertising.

Multi Business Location Search Engine Optimisation

In certain situations, optimising SEO for a company for different locations is an extension of local business search. We can get your company ranking in multiple locations by adding multiple highly local content pages and Google My Business Mutli location entries without being penalised for duplicate data or the cost of running several websites for each location.


National Search Optimisation

A difference exists between the national bricks and mortar companies and the SEO of the national eCommerce industry. For Bricks and Mortar companies, we are extending our multi-location local business technique with advanced website coding to allow more dynamic location control, automated service/product geo-tagging. In addition, for high-value local searches, we tag a combination of national quality backlinks with high DA local citations and backlinks. Finally, through targeted PPC marketing, we endorse organic search to increase brand recognition and insure that every search has the potential to be captured.


eCommerce Optimisation

For eCommerce search rankings, a holistic approach is still needed. Local Serps is for confidence variables only. Onpage content targeting high ROI search words, Imagine and Video Search, Highly important backlinks, Strong Social Signals and Click through, Remarketing, Re-Targeting, PPC, Social Media Groups, Influencer Outreach, Product reviews, Highly detailed product details, Strong Search Title tags, Abandon Carts, Automatic emailing, Payment Outreach, Highly detailed product descriptions.



Use Local Hosting

When we say local web hosting, we mean make sure the data centre servers are based in your country that your are targeting. This helps with latency time, also known as ‘ping time’, which means it’s the length of time for the signal or data packets to travel from the user to the server to the user, and back again. Using a local web hosting service will greatly increase the benefits of your  local SEO, as the latency will be greatly decreased when on local soil and even better if the data centre is sitting on a major “trunk line” which is in laymen’s terms.  This means that the latency will be very quick, loading your website instantly.  The further away the latency, the longer for the website to load up, if at all.  Think about the times you’ve gone on a website and it’s taken a very long time to load and you’ve lost interest and left.   This is most likely due to the servers being offshore (which is fine if your target is offshore, or you have several offshore servers to assist with shorter ping times, and manage and provide service) and not something you wants users experiencing while visiting your site.


SEO Voice Search

Mobile device searches now outweigh searches performed on desktop computers and the pattern is growing. On average, sixty percent or more of all local searches come from mobile devices in Australia alone (Google, 2016). These local smartphone searches, Google also claims, lead to some of the most profitable consumer inquiries for local businesses. In addition, voice searches are twenty five percent of those searches! Few other Gold Coast SEO companies around the world also sell this service or are unaware of the effect of being able to monitor 25% of all searches with little to no competition. Practically, any organisation will benefit from being designed for voice search. You are driving on your way to buy the XYZ widget and you forget the directions to understand the effect not being optimised can only imagine on your business. So when driving, you voice-search the product from your computer. Unfortunately, in the results, the spot you had wanted to go to is 3 pages back. You see that the first result is the Bob and Janes XYZ widget shoppe, and in the direction you are going anyway. What’re you doing? You go to the Bob and Janes Shop and the company optimised for non-voices is forgotten. This kind of situation happens on a regular basis, not to mention the use of voice search by ability-impaired people.


International Enterprise Business SEO

More proven brands have their greatest opportunities alongside conventional areas of search optimisation by creating brand recognition and improving customer experience on the page and via social media. Quality content is always important, but ultimately, scheduled processes and methods of interaction are more crucial and profitable. Artificial intelligence systems / automated bots for first-level personalised interaction and conversions are exciting new ways to digitally optimise the company online.